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Berrikuntza Soziala

Beteberritzen 2016



Beteberritzen is a process that promotes Social Innovation in Beterri, a region made up by six villages near San Sebastian. Several stakeholders of the region have been coordinated and empowered to implement the project. The initiative started in 2014 and has been carried out by Elhuyar Consultancy and Beterri Development Agency with the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

The main objectives are:

  • To direct a learning process with the stakeholders of the region and to provide them the knowledge and tools for Social Innovation.
  • To evaluate current projects of the region, in order to improve their impact in the community and their capacity to transform.
  • To strengthen stakeholders’ relationships, by creating new collective working networks and reflecting together on the future direction.
  • To promote a continuous dynamics around Social Innovation in the region.

In order to achieve those objectives, we developed two lines of work: On the one hand, 10 projects carried out in the Beterri region have been evaluated with the tool designed by Elhuyar to promote Social Innovation in the Basque Country.  After analysing the results, some key guidelines were given to the stakeholders to help them improve their projects in the future.

On the other hand, we organised 5 meetings with the stakeholders from March to June 2015. Those meetings were collective learning spaces, where the stakeholders discussed in depth the key factors of Social Innovation. Moreover, experiences or good practices of other regions were explained, the results and conclusions of the above mentioned 10 project evaluations were set out and future challenges were defined..


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